Demow Revenue Circle Recruitment – Circle Quick Response Team (CQRT)

Demow Revenue Circle, Sivasagar has released an advertisement in pursuance of Govt. letter no. ASDMA.13/2021/55; Dated: 13/07/2021, applications are invited from the intending candidates for constitution of Circle Quick Response Team (CQRT) at Demow Revenue Circle with following terms and conditions.

Job details : Engagement of Volunteers for Circle Quick Response Team (CART) as first responder in Revenue Circle as a part of the “Scheme for strengthening Circle Disaster Management Committees” initiative of Assam State Disaster Management Authority. Community volunteers, Aapda Mitra, Pratirodhi Bondhus, Civil Defence Volunteers etc. are also eligible to join the team provided they fulfill the parameters under selection criteria.

No. of volunteers required : 8 (Eight) nos. (Only for Demow Revenue Circle).

How to apply : The application must be submitted as per prescribed Application Form-A. “Application for enrolment as a member of the Circle Quick Response Team (COAT)” which may be obtained from or office of the Circle Officer Demow Revenue Circle. Application along with self attested photo copies of all documents and two copies of recent passport size photographs should be addressed to concern Circle Office- Office of the Circle Officer, Demow Revenue Circle, Demow, Sivasagar.

Last Date of submission of Application : Applications will be received in office of the Circle Officer, Demow Revenue Circle, Demow on or before 25.08.2021 upto 4:00 pm on all working days. Application received after last date & time shall be liable to be summarily rejected.

Details of Screening Test : The list of short listed candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria and any other update/information etc. or date screening test will be available only on the official website: and circle office notice board along with reason for rejection. Circle Disaster Management Committee (CDMC) will hold basic screening test like cognitive test which will include general problem solving tests, memory tests, general intelligence test etc. and notified selection committee along with CDMC will hold Physical test. No TA/DA shall be given to the candidates for appearing in the screening Test.

Duration of engagement : The engagement of volunteers under this initiative will initially be for a period of one year.

Selection Criteria for CQRT members:

  1. Every CQRT will comprise an 8 member team.
  2. Out of the 8 members, 2 members will be female and 1 member can be transgender.
  3. In case no female member/transgender member is willing to join the team, the same team will be filled by male members.
  4. The persons willing to join the team should be available to,undergo rigorous training on Disaster management in the Circle itself or elsewhere within/outside the State.
  5. The persons should also commit to be available under any emergency/crisis situation.

Selection to Circle Quick Response Team (CQRT) will depend on the following Criteria:

  1. He/she shall be a citizen of India and permanent resident of Assam. Only resident of the concern Revenue Circle will be eligible to apply for CQRT of that revenue Circle.
  2. He/she shall have completed the age of 18 years provided that this age limit may be relaxed at the discretion of the competent authority up to a maximum of 3 years. A person should not have attained 55 years for enrolment into the CQRT.
  3. He/she shall have passed at least the primary standard, that is to say, the fourth class, and this condition may be relaxed by the competent authority at his discretion.
  4. Both men and women shall be eligible for enrolment into the team.
  5. A person shall not be entitled to be enrolled into the team, unless he/she is found to be physically fit and mentally alert.
  6. Any service in the National Volunteer Team and in the Armed Teams of the Union, Ex-servicemen shall be a special qualification.
  7. He/she would have interest in sports/NCC/NSS etc. having valid certificates of achievement in relevant field will draw extra credits.
  8. Knowledge of swimming is an essential criteria.
  9. He/she should have interest in Disaster management activities. He/she should be willing to render services to the community.
  10. Any person in regular service/salaried jobs will not be eligible to enroll under CQRT unless he/she is able to produce a certificate from his employer agreeing to spare his service for CQRT training and duty, when so require.

Process of enrolment into Circle Quick Response Team (CQRT) will be as below:

  1. Only resident of the concerned Revenue Circle will be eligible to apply for CQRT of that Revenue Circle.
  2. The applicant will fill up an enrolment form as available at Form-A and submit details to the Circle Office.
  3. The Circle Office will scrutinize the application received from applicants and shortlist candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria and accord points to the candidates based on credits earned.

(Extra Credits/Points can be given to applicants fulfilling the following selection criteria):

Any service in the national Volunteer Team and in the Armed Teams of the Union, Ex-servicemen.

Valid certificates of achievement in sports/NCC/NSS etc.

Knowledge of swimming(essential criteria)

  1. The rejected list of candidates will be displayed in the Circle Office notice board along with reason for rejection. CDMC will screen all the applicants (for respective Circle) and prepare a list of valid application.
  2. The Chairman, DDMA will notify the selection committee for every Circle Office. The selection committee will constitute members from Circle Office, DDMA, Civil Defence, SDRF/NDRF or any other member as deemed competent by the Chairman, DDMA of the District.
  3. CDMC will also hold a basic screening test like Physical tests, Cognitive ability test etc. at Circle Level; DDMA notified committee will hold the Physical tests and accord marks. CDMC will also hold Cognitive ability test (Physical test will include swimming, tree climbing, running etc. Cognitive ability tests should include general problem solving test, memory tests, general intelligence test etc.)
  4. CDMC will shortlist and prepare a list adhering to 1:2 ratio norm.
  5. The list will be sent to DDMA for final selection. 8 members will be selected out of 16 member list and rest members will be on standby. The members who join the team will submit the filled membership Form-B to Circle Officer and Circle Officer will issue ID card.
  6. A CQRT member will be retained in the team based on his/her performance. In case of irregularity in duties, unauthorized leave of absence or resignation from membership, the position will be filled from the rest of the members in standby list.
  7. The members in the standby list will be eligible to undergo training at the cost of State Govt. The State Govt. will bear the training expenses of members in standby list.

Remuneration: The payment rates applicable in case of CQRT members will be as per rates mentioned under ANNEXURE-1 which will be paid on attending duty or attending any disaster management training. Each CQRT member will be paid Rs. 120 per day during training. The CQRT members will claim remuneration as per incentive claim form at FORM-C.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Roles and responsibility of CQRT members;

  1. When any disaster happens in the locality, CORT members, will be on alert.
  2. CQRT members will be mobilized to the incident site at the command of the Circle Officer.
  3. CQRT members will be responsible for safe-keeping and maintenance of equipment in stockpile and report to Circle Officer in case of replacement required.
  4. CQRT members will be trained by DDMA/ASDMA/Response teams on regular basis to improve response skills.
  5. CQRT members will actively participate in local level drills conducted by the Circle Office.
  6. In peace times, CQRT will be mobilized by Circle Officer to attend the Panchayat level meetings like Gram Sabha to create awareness on Disaster preparedness and to promote Disaster Education in schools by conducting regular drills etc.

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