Assam Quiz 17.07.2021

In this section of Assam Quiz here are the collection of questions and solved exam papers from different exams like Assam PSC, Panchayat, APDCL, PNRD etc. It will help in preparation of various upcoming exams.

Q61. Which one Ahom Kingdom’s capital was located by the Dihing river
(A) Bakata
(B) Garhgaon
(C) Charaideo
(D) Jorhat

Q62. Tocklai Tea Research Institute which is world’s oldest and largest tea research institute, was established in the year
(A) 1904
(B) 1908
(C) 1911
(D) 1915

Q63. Bordoloi Trophy was first started in the year
(A) 1950
(B) 1952
(C) 1955
(D) 1958

Q64. Which team wins the Bordoloi Trophy football tournament for most of the numbers
(A) Gauhati Town Club
(B) Assam Police AC
(C) East Bengal Club
(D) Mohun Bagan AC

Q65. Who is the first olympian from Assam to participate in olympic games
(A) Shiva Thapa
(B) Bhogeswar Baruah
(C) Dipankar Bhattacharjee
(D) Jayanta Talukdar

Q66. Elvis Ali Hazarika become first swimmer from the Northeast to cross the Catalina Channel which is located at
(A) US
(B) UK
(C) Canada
(D) South Africa

Q68. Jayanta Talukdar has won individual gold Medal in the Archery World Cup in the year
(A) 2004
(B) 2005
(C) 2006
(D) 2007

Q69. Who is the first women from Assam to received the Padma Sri Award
(A) Amalprava Das
(B) Nalini Bala Devi
(C) Chandra Prava Saikiani
(D) Malati Barua

Q70. Who is the first person from Assam to received the Padma Bhushan award
(A) Krishna Kanta Handique
(B) Navakanta Barua
(C) Benudhar Sharma
(D) Omeo Kumar Das

Q71. Who had declined to accept India’s second highest civilian award Padma Vibhushan
(A) Krishna Kanta Handique
(B) Surya Kumar Bhuyan
(C) Amalprava Das
(D) Omeo Kumar Das

Q72.Total number of members elected from Assam for Rajya Sabha is
(A) 5
(B) 7
(C) 8
(D) 10

Q73. How many members were elected for the first rajya Sabha session of 1952 from Assam
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 6

Q74. Who had received Padma Shri Award in the Art category from Assam in the year 2020
(A) Indira P. P. Bora
(B) Jogendra Nath Phukan
(C) Joyshree Goswami Mahanta
(D) Lakshmi Nandan Bora

Q75. Which politician is also known as “Iron man of Assam”
(A) Gopinath Bordoloi
(B) Tarun Ram Phukan
(C) Bishnuram Medhi
(D) Bimala Prasad Chaliha

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