Gaon Burah Recruitment 2021 – Dibrugarh District

Applications have been invited from eligible persons from the post of Gaon Burah for filling up the vacant Lats in the Rajah Chakras of Dibrugarh district. Applications should be submitted to the appropriate office after the specified time of the due date will not be accepted. Last date 11.07.2021



  1. Minimum Qualifications :-

A) In addition to being an Indian citizen, the applicant must be a permanent resident of Gaon Burah Lat.

B) The minimum age of the applicant should be 25 years on 01.01.2021.

C) Certificate of Educational Qualification (Minimum 10th Standard) from a Government Recognized Program (Board of Secondary Education Assam) must be submitted.

D) The applicant must be physically and mentally fit.

E) The applicant should not be disqualified in the case of any government transaction.

F) The applicant cannot be a government servant.

G) The applicant should have the land / immovable property in his / her own name in the applied lot.

H) The applicant cannot be a member of any political party.

I) The applicant should be a respected, leading and personable person in the area mentioned.

J) The applicant should not only be a contributor to the society but also a contributor to any government scheme and during natural calamities.

K) As per Government Notification No. R, L, R.18 / 2006 / Part.24 dated 19/08/2019, the applicant should not have more than two children from one or more partners.

Alternatively, even if the applicant have more than two children before the date of publication of the notification, he/she can apply. (Executive Instruction No. 162)

(2) The applicant shall submit the following documents –

a) The applicant has to apply in “Standard Form” Mentioned in the advertisement along with the filled application form in the sealed envelope along with the relevant documents and submit it in the box specified in the appropriate office till date 11.07.2021 (from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm).

b) The applicant should submit a self-signed certificate of educational qualification (minimum High School Leaving Examination Certificate and Passing Certificate, High School Leaving Examination Admission Certificate (Admit Card) / Birth Certificate.

c) Applicants must submit 3 (three) copies of passport size photo (self signed).

d) The envelope attached with the postage stamp should include the mobile number along with the contact address.

e) Certificates of Government Debt and Remaining Collection must be submitted.

f) The applicant has to submit the certificate of permanent resident of the lot which he / she has applied for, along with the application.

g) The applicant has to submit the certificate of land / immovable property in his / her name in the area under the lot which he / she has applied for.

h) Affidavits containing details of all family members (name, age, date of birth, family ties, etc.) must be submitted. The birth certificate of the child should be attached.

i) The application form should clearly state which lot the applicant has applied for.

j) If there is any evidence of contribution made in the field of social empowerment, then the applicant should attach it with the application form.




Incompletely documented applications will be rejected without selection.

Applications will be accepted or rejected by the Selection Committee after scrutiny as per the prescribed rules.

The decision of the selection committee constituted by the Deputy Commissioner of Dibrugarh District will be final.

No transport/allowance will be paid for attending the interview.

Application Form (Standard Form) : Click Here

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